This wiki is intended for older versions of Motive. For the latest documentation, please refer to

What's New in Motive 3.0


Calibration overview. Overview of new features in Motive 3.0


Important License Update:

  • New licensing system in Motive 3. Please check the OptiTrack website for details on Motive licenses.
  • Security Key (Motive 3.x): Starting from version 3.0, USB Security Key will be required to use Motive. USB Hardware Keys that were used for activating older versions of Motive will no longer work with 3.0, and they will need to be replaced with the USB Security key. For any questions, please contact us.
  • Hardware Key (Motive 2.x or below): Motive 2.x versions will still follow the same system and will require USB Hardware Key.


USB Cameras

USB cameras, including Flex series, tracking bars, and Slim3U, cameras are not supported in 3.x versions currently. For USB camera systems, please use Motive 2.x versions. Go to Motive 2.3 documentation.


For More Information:

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