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Application Settings

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The Application Settings panel can be opened under the View tab or by clicking Toolbar AppSettings 20.png icon on the main toolbar in Motive. Most of the settings that are related to the overall software and the system can be accessed and configured in this panel. This includes camera system setting, data pipeline settings, streaming settings, and hotkeys and shortcuts.


Changes to the Application Settings can be resetted by Reset Settings under the Edit Tools tab from the main Toolbar.

Application settings panel in Motive.

Application Settings

Advanced Options


Advanced Settings

The Application Settings contains advanced settings that are hidden by default. Access these settings by going to the menu on the top-right corner of the pane and clicking Show Advanced and all of the settings, including the advanced settings, will be listed under the pane.

The list of advanced settings can also be customized to show only the settings that are needed specifically for your capture application. To do so, go the pane menu and click Edit Advanced, and uncheck the settings that you wish to be listed in the pane by default. One all desired settings are unchecked, click Done Editing to apply the customized configurations.

AdvancedSettings 30.png